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Add Mechanizer Weapon Box to Celestial Basin next patch

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-It helps players going down Dawn/Rift path lessen RNG burden by one stage.


-It makes player stick to Celestial Basin for sometimes to grind for the weapon chests. They have to grind for Xanos, Usuja, Syrok and BT mystic badges from there, anyway, exhausting their given Peaches from quests.


-Dawn/Rift 6 is a power upgrade for people who follows the path thanks to increase in the weapon's damage modifier buff. This will help them to have more oomph doing Ebondrake Lair and above.


-Dawn/Rift 6 is a fork path between higher stage and Raven 6. This will save players who goes Raven 6 path for more DPS a few Premium Transformation Stone (around 2 or 3), as they push their way toward Raven 9. This way, both Raven and Dawn/Rift players can enjoy benefit from the event weapon and from material discount to certain extent without wrestling with RNG drop.


-Irontech Forge is an old content. Old enough to receive no-wipe mech already. So I think it is fine providing players an alternative way to get the chests. Ebondrake Lair and above, meanwhile, is still considering as harder, due to unfriendly boss rotation and heavy-damaging mech. Also, Irontech Forge does not drop Hellion accessories (it drops cores, though), so I think it is fine excluding it from the grind onward.


-Recommended peach for Mechanizer's weapon box is 5-10k.



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