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I'm Level 55 HM9...and I still am completely lost

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So I have been playing for a matter of months now, and have just recently finished the main questline as a gunslinger. But I am at a total loss of what to do. I am not in a clan, nor am I really inclined to join one, and have played solo the entire time. I feel completely underpowered everywhere I go. Basic ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ bosses kick my butt up and down. Around level 45, I noticed that I was unable to complete the daily quests offered at the time because I couldn't beat the bosses, and it's only gotten worse since hitting level 55. Are even the basic dungeons solo-able? If so, what am I doing so wrong that I can't even get past the scrub enemies, far less beat the boss? Am I expected to get beyond level 9 of Mushin's tower? Because I get wrecked there, dying to mass chain-stuns and knockdowns, all while doing very little damage.


What is a Soul Badge? Do I need one? What is a Mystic Badge? A Heart? Where do I get those? I feel like the game gives me no direction, and I have no clue where to go from here, since I've completed the story quests.


Any help would be appreciated. If you have any advice, please assume I'm a complete idiot who doesn't understand the most basic things about the game, since I apparently don't.

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Yeah the game does a poor job after the story, sadly. But that is what we are here for ;)


I will answer shortly (sorry in a bit of a rush) and link some older posts of me, where I explained already a lot. Please note that some things have changed and I am not super sure about what ^^ (as I don't have time to read it right now)


About soloing dungeons, you can solo the smaller dungeons (like under soguns lament), or you should, but it will take rather long I would guess. Dungeons are mostly done in F8 (dungeon lobby, it is cross server), and for everything under naryu sanctum, you can just press the lfp button, it will search a group for you.


Mushins tower is definitly doable, but if you don't have much damage, you have to do the mechanics of the boss, or rather counter them and evade them. What I mean, you are not supposed to get hit by a stun in the first place. Sounds easy, but as you noticed, it is not. Evading and blocking and iframing takes practise. If you are unsure what to do, look up a guide on yt.


You do need a soul badge, yes. The cheapest way would be to do the daily challenge (3 of the quests shown over your quest tracker in the little dot). You get sun orbs there, with 125 you get a soul badge. As you do it anyway and you probably don't have gold yet, it is the easiest for you now, but takes time. You can buy tokens in F5 to get one with70 tokens, but that costs gold ^^

mystic badge can be obtained for peaches in celestial basin, same as the heart (although you might wanna wait with that, the next questline on the 12. gives out one for free).

As for what badges you need, I would google gunner and your element, as I have honestly no clue.


For the rest, I will link some stuff now. Just to make sure: right now baleful to stage 10 and then to raven 1 is cheapest, but be aware, they change costs at the 12. as well, so I would wait for that and see what is cheaper then.

The next event also gives out a good pet and soul, so you wanna make sure to a) register for the event on the website and b) make sure you get the newsletter in account settings.



I know it is a bit long, and it is really rather old. Things like the amount of draken cores got changed, and you don't need any achievments for them anymore, but as said, I guess it is an explanation, so if anything is unclear or you don't find it anymore, feel free to ask.

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Your reply has been super helpful, that's for sure, although of course many of your answers generated even more questions. :)


As for gold, I have over 100 right now, but I don't know if that's a lot or a little. And since the daily challenges involve either PvP (I HATE PvP) or dungeons way over my abilities, I haven't done them even once.


Also, you said "gunner and your element". What is element? Is that the "light/dark" thing I select in my abilities list?


And I've got to say, my heart sunk quite a bit when you said that you're not supposed to get hit by a stun. I live in Korea, but play on the NA server (1. so that at least other players I encounter can speak English, and 2. Asian servers in every single game I've ever played are overwhelmed by hackers and bots). What this means is that my ping is kind of severe, and dodging just often doesn't work. Although you did mention something called iframing. I've never heard that term before; what is that?


Thanks again for the answer, and sorry to load you with even further questions, lol.

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well... 100 gold is not bad for starters, although it is not like that much and you will use it upgrading very fast, you can get at least some things done.


you should really do the daily challenge (also for sun orbs). For starters, I would recommend the quest in celestial basin, as those bosses are rather easy. So you only need two dungeons. there you pick the easiest available (or if it heavens mandate, maybe the next easy two). For today (well in an hour, so sunday ^^), I would further recommend Lair of the frozen fang and ebondrake citadel. Just use the lfp button, there will be groups for them as they are easy dailies. And they are definitly doable with story gear, so no worries. Remember you just need 3 quests, and one is always the boss in celestial basin, so just two dungeons.

For me, the best boss in basin is the one at the middle teleporter. You got no trash mobs on your way to him. Yes he does a knockback, just watch out there to stand parallel to the other mobs, so you don't get thrown into it.


With element I mean fire or shadow. Unter K, you can change your skills, and in the very left corner, you got either fire or shadow, this is your chosen element.


Oh don't worry too much about the stun thing and ping. You picked the perfect class for high ping. The class itself is very ping friendly, and you are range, so you don't get hit by most stuff. As general rule, try staying at about 12 meter, that is mostly ok to not get hit (exception: naryu sanctum. First boss you want to stand next to someone else, so the punches don't kill you. Last boss, you want to stay at 16 meter, and move really close at 80/50/20%, when he jumps in the middle, as you die if you stay out in the dark area, but if he jumps, you can just "e" in his direction). At least until you know how everything works, then of course choose where you like to stand ^^ or know when to be close, but don't worry, it will come with time.


iframes are invincible frames. this would be your x (the shield thing, 5 hits in 5 seconds and you are not affected by those), ss (while you ss and shortly after you are invincible), and I think using your hooks, e, as well right? really not sure about your q sorry, I don't play gunner...

Blocking (1) is less important to you at the beginning as you figure everything out. Don't get me wrong, you generally need to know how and when to block, but as ranged you get away without it for quite some time, so I would get other things right first.


You do know how your z works tho right? just making sure ;)


And if you have further questions, just ask, thats ok, we all started.


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Ah, so iframes are my guards and dodges and whatnot. Actually, it's a shame you don't play gunner, because it seems that my high ping gives me some problems with my e, that is my hooks. Typically, there seems to be a near full second delay between pressing the button and actually dodging. This really hurts when an enemy's windup is shorter than that, as it becomes essentially undodge-able. But, this might also be because it can't interrupt other actions, so maybe I'm attacking and then try to dodge, but it has to wait for my shooting animation to finish.


Also, I have absolutely no idea how my z works. :) I've hardly ever played with any other players, so a party enhance skill has been ignored throughout my entire game.


Edit: Turns out my weapon does have 6 slots, just only 3 are unlocked at the moment.

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Well then you got 3 slots. every legendary weapon has theoretically 6 slots, if you only got 3 unlocked, you got 3. How high is your weapon? 


And Z resets the sb and bb buff. sb (soulburn) is from the warlock (and warden soon), and is easy to see, as you get a black costume and wings while it is active. bb (blue buff) is harder to see and is done by sin and kfm. It is a blue nebula around your head, i find it easier to see the clobal cd for it.

If you are unsure, only use it at end boss, as Z has 5 min cd. But if you use Z after they used the buff, it resets the cd. now don't use z some time after the buff expires, but imideatly or even while the buff is running (blows your dps, but you are not the main damage dealer anyway right now and until then you know better than me when to alpha call ^^)

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16 hours ago, Annysan said:

if you only got 3 unlocked, you got 3. How high is your weapon?

If you haven't done much upgrading on your weapon now would be the time to reroll it.  Some would say to wait for the War event and get the brilliant one being offered but you are very likely to end up with another weapon with less then 6 gem slots open again.  And unless they greatly reduce the cost of legendary hammers you will end up paying much more than you save. 

If you are a fire gunner then the badges you want are Holy fire and/or Transcendence and Skyrift (with the plan to go to unload build in the future - this might and probably will change but it's the most viable build for fire currently).  You didn't mention anything about your soul shields but they can add a great deal to your game play (especially if they are maxed/fused).  Gear is also important and for lower level players especially the bracelet.  Since you've just been playing for a couple of months you might have missed out on the pet and soul upgrade events.  If that is the case then you will definitely want to take advantage of the brilliant ones coming during the War event.  Solo is fun but this game is definitely about running in a team.    

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if you are in NA region, Yura server i can help you for your progress. Currently i'm creating a clan for new people after i left my prev clan, so they can progress even faster with easiest way. just hit me up if you are in the same region and server as mine.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I'm in the Zulia server, so sorry @aeri00, but I appreciate the offer anyway. Currently just been running dungeon matchmaking and doing the daily challenges, hoping I get something worth it. Beyond that I have no idea where to find all the things you guys have mentioned, or even what some of those mean. As for my weapon, turns out I have a Galaxy weapon, which is apparently meant for PvP. Of course, I had no idea that was the case, and it was just being sold cheap in Mushin's tower for some gold, and it was way better than anything I had seen before, so naturally I bought it. It's currently at level 7, and a player I met told me that it would be best to just upgrade it to level 10 and then go to Raven (which is...a raid focused weapon? What's the difference between a raid weapon and a PvE weapon?)


As for the Holy fire soul badge, is that one that can be bought with solar energy from Dragon Express? I seem to remember seeing that in the list...


Also, what is the "War Event"? Is it part of the Warden's Fury update?

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Well with war event the warrior/warden event is meant, so just see that you get a pet/soul there if you can.

The badge is for solar energy, that is right ;)


While you are right and the pvp weapon is better before you get the legendary weapon from the story, it is still a pvp weapon and will fall off in pve against a pve weapon.

Raven ist also a pve weapon, its materials can be obtained in a raid (12 man content, skybreak spire) instaed of a dungeon (well or be bought in F5)

Acutally, you don't wanna go raven right now,  as it is was more expensive. Go the dawnforged path, it is way cheaper and you get to a raven  weapon in the end at stage 9. But I am rather sure, you cannot change your pvp weapon directly into a pve weapon... but I can't check right now.

But you can see this in the weapon progress menu. Just open the normal upgrade menu, which you know. Then klick on the little blue icon on the top right. Now the complete path of your current and, if you move it a bit, all other weapons are shown.

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