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a suggestion for (B&S simplified combat controls) in destroyers


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im useing the (B&S simplified combat controls) in destroyer becuse its easier moslty for pvp soo i can use (mighty cleave) easier and i really like it but there only one problem only in it.

with i use (fury/persistence) or (badge effects) to use (wrath) the Lmb (judgement) doesnt replaced to (wrath) and i only have to press Rmb for (wrath-cleave) compo its fine only for low ping like 100ms or lower also not really practical in pve slows the mighty cleave cd useing wrath.

its a nigative whatever they use the (B&S simplified combat controls) for pvp or pve can at lease make the Lmb active (wrath) in B&S (simplified combat controls)? it wil be great add to destroyers if theyre useing (B&S simplified combat controls).

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