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Tailor Shop: in need of Color Intensity and Gloss sliders

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You may have heard complaints/suggestions about “There is no pure Black color”, or “Add more variants of a color” when it comes to Tailor Shop.


However, I think what we need is not more colors added, but sliders for Color Intensity and Gloss.

If you don’t know how these sliders work, check the Lips Cosmetic section in your Character Creation screen. They should function the same.


With Color Intensity slider, you don’t really need to think of adding “Pure Black”, “Slightly Black”, “A little Black”, “Grey”, “Lighter Grey”, White”… Instead, you can just have a single Black that can be turned into darker or lighter variants.


With Gloss slider, you can add the glossiness of the color, resulting either Glossy Black, slightly Glossy Black or Pure Black (no gloss).

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Good suggestion. However this isn't going to solve the problem completely since on different costumes (and even in different slots) the "black" in the tailor shop isn't a true black or gray- sometimes its tinted towards the red, blue, or even yellow side. This is only going to work if we have a true 000000 black that is consistent between outfits, and possibly another control to tone colors in a certain direction if someone wants, say, a blue-black, or a redder black.


White should have the same controls so that paler pastels can be achieved, like creamy whites, ext


Really what we need is a color pallet slider like in Aion's character creator rather than fixed colors

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