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Hello I am a little new to this game not long ago I started this game and tried my hand at recording my gameplay and was wondering why people don't watch blade & Soul Videos at all is it because the game is not popular enough or perhaps its because people hate this game I need to answers to this so please leave comments here or on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTK08N3JYwXISNOlpSPB6rA also need people to check videos of blade & Soul and give me feedback thank you for your time

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People probably don’t know about your channel. Also could depend on what type of content you’re uploading, I don’t find watching bns gameplay interesting at all such as watching someone grind over and over and killing mobs. People tend to be more interested in guides, pvp, rng box openings/trove, etc..

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Hey, unlike other mmos B&S has a way more smaller community, most of the player base is in eastern (asia) and compered to western (EU/NA) we are really a few(obviously compared with big mmos like WoW , Black Dessert Online etc, so since the population is just a few there and only a few of content creators too. If u want to watch some big bns related youtubers i would reccomand EvilDoUsHarm, Kerropi, Jarke, Licod, Eckogen. Regarding your videos i tried to see a few and now don't take it so badly but i have some critics since u asked for feedback:

1) Try to use other recording video software, personally seeing that bandicam.com or other links i just think that u didn't take seriusly making a video and just downloaded the first software and record just for the sake of uploading, try to use maybe some more advanced software like OBS or if u have an Nvidia video card use Nvidea shadowplay, hoping that the lag was created by the video and not the game these software will make the video more smoother and less cringy(for the lag and the amount of links in it)

2) I am very sorry to say that your videos have no content at all, i have seen the prologue and that video is just the recording of the first few cutscene form bns, no reacion, no voice, no cuts i think would be very boring to see since u can just play the game itself.

3) Add numbers in thumb nails or use different ones(not referring to the latest video), i think is a small detail but can make the difference.

4)Add some editing, since i already coverd the non content thing i can say that all of the viwers from bns related videos are already players and know all the story very well, doing no voice no cut or edit the to make it funnier make the video not appealing, is just a long boring playthrough.

5)And the final and most important advice is: take your time to make a video. If u make videos just for yourself then u can do whatever you want but if u want your videos to be seen by other people take your time. Take your time to record and:

-checking if your prerecording is good (in-game sounds on, fps are good, there are no links or other stuff related to free recording softwares)

-figure out what to put on to make it fun (a nice commentary, a fun voice over, edit it mlg style, funny moments), a plain playthrough is not enough to make people keep seeing.

-edit it so the video would be smoother, don't copy-paste the bns cutscenes becouse everybody have already seen that, cut some boring stuff u don't like and skip directly to the fun part.

-take it seriusly and don't upload for the sake of just uploading, even if u work hard on one video and people don't watch it at least u are proud of your own video, i have a friend who is very good at edinting, he's not a yootuber but he upload this very nice and elaborate funny moments of him and me playing and even if he don't get any fame from it he is very proud and enjoyed doing it. For what i have seen u didn't take it seriusly so u really should think about it


Hope my feedback will help you and maybe later i will check your future videos and remember alyways enjoy what are you doing.

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