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Soul Dynasty [Zulia]
Faction: Cerulean
Clan Level: Rank 15
Leader: Lllana Hoang


We are currently looking Players for Clan Battles:



✓ Must have Dragonforge 3+ 
✓ PVP Accessories 


Classes we looking:



Others can also apply. Clan 6v6 are done on Saturdays. 


Our PVE Goal:

- Planning to start Tacheon Raid soon.
- We have 2 static VT Raids and starting 3rd group this weekend.
- BTs are already done frequently.

- Enjoy 70% Clan Bonus.



- VT / VT-ready gear (Raven 7 minimum)
- Experienced in VT, SK and the game in general
- Be active! We basically run dungeons everyday, but its not mandatory!
- Understandable English.


"We need players with right mindset, must know what they are doing"


If Interested, PM me @Scarlet#7444 on discord for more information.

Or message me in-game at "ScarletCrimxon"

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