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Tailor Shop presets

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If you like changing color/pattern of  your customizable outfit/adornments frequently, it is kinda a pain when you have to visit Tailor Shop every single time. As a comparison, imagine changing your element builds for PvP, then change them back for PvE, without using Skill Training Pages.


So yeah, similar to Skill Pages or Clan Outfit presets, I think Tailor Shop should offers like 3 preset slots for a each piece of outfit that has been changed into customizable.


For the costs, it is the same as you change pattern/color (1 thread for each change). If NCSoft feels generous, they can offer thread-free changes for presets, but will require you to spend thread if you decide to go for anything outside of presets.

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6 hours ago, RavTH said:

another money grab?
anyway why not make every single cosmetic customizable? they never think of that cause that would be too smart. :victory:

Because they said its a lot of work for the devs, and gradually more and more cosmetics will be customizable :) Cash grab outfits first tho xD

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