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after only doing pve content i wanted to do some 6vs6. But my first impression was that i still get wrecked very often. I now have full VT gear and my first pvp soul shields. I now need help with my gear.


1. What should i focus on first. Weapon, accessories, soul shield?


2. I have an Aransu 3 weapon. When will the pvp weapon become better than my aransu weapon for pvp?


3. What soul shield combination is the best for gunner?


4. When i get my pvp accessories should i immediatly replace my pve accessories or do i need to upgrade them first?


5. When engaging in a fight i often lose my focus. What causes that and can i counter it?


Thank you for your answers.

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1. Soul shields are a good start. They will give you the HP and defense to survive. You should aim from HP / Crit Defense on the soul shields. Infuse them with either Crit Defense or piercing, depending on what class you play and what you want to do. After that start with either accessories or weapon. Getting the weapon to higher stages is fairly easier than the accessories.


2. PVP weapon will generally always be better for PVP because the stats and bonuses it gives are pvp oriented.


3. 8 pieces of either soul shield set. Best one is nova core.


4. You can immediately replace them as they will boost your survivability.

5.  Thats the effect of the PVP gear on oponents. they drain your focus. PVP ring has focus regen when you attack so aim for the ring first.

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