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How to improve in the arena


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Can anyone please explain to me what retarded system counts a 1 in 1 rank.


If I know the rating is:


Bronze rank is starting
Silver is for novices and noobs
Gold are average players
Platinum is for experienced players
Diamond is a unique player


So the gold rank would have to get the second to third player in a bit of effort.


I've been playing for two and a half years, and when I started so I got to the rank of 1650 a few times, but I was somewhere 35-40 level. Now I'm HM18 and I just can not get over 1550 when I try.

I thought if I winrate + 50% so I get to the 1600, but every time I lose, I have to win at least 2x to move at least a bit up. I'm getting 10-20 points for the win over the same rank, but if I lose so it drops by 30 ...

What am I supposed to do to improve my results? Just after two years of playing, I find that I'm exactly the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ as when I started I just got a higher number in the level box ...

I also play World of Tanks and I got there over 2 years between above-average players, but nothing here. I do not want to become a master, but I would like to be at least average and get rid of the noobs.

When we do PvP tournaments in the clan, I beat each other's sparrows except KFM and I usually win the tournament, or I'm going to top three positions, so I'm not so bad at PvP but it's hard to improve if I do not know where I'm making a mistake ...

Thanks for the help

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