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Returning player having trouble looking for static raid

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Static raid of what raid exactly?

If is for BT try to find a nice guild willing to take you and then participate at their BTs. Nowadays BT has become so easy that you don't need a static party u can apply to stangers too but i suggest yout if u are not yet 1100 ap to try to get that as soon as possible because doing BT with a party of 1000aps even if 100% doable many people will get angry and they might ragequit if your party mess something.

If is for VT u need to know that the requirments are still very high becouse the raid still need a lot of coordination and knowledge in order to complete it.


Either way try to join this discord server https://discord.gg/jQqsssn is the discord community for people trying to find carry runs/parties, is very useful in this type of situations u will need to select your server first and then there is a section for either to buy or find party. Good luck with it.

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