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Add pattern option to Head Adornment in Tailor Shop

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Let take Viceroy outfit and head adornment, for example. 


If you put a pattern on on Viceroy outfit, it will become mismatch with the Viceroy head adornment due to lacking of pattern option. Like a polka dot pattern on the outfit vs a non-pattern head adornment.


I think the Head Adornment should have Pattern option too in order to prevent this.

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That would be great, but I have very low hopes for them updating the tailor shop in any way. We're still waiting for a normal black, too. I'd also love to see extra options on some pieces. Like, why can't males change the colour from the beads on Demoniac, just because we can change the shoe colour? It makes no sense, and they can just add in an extra "Accessory" tab to fix it. Same with the Shogun cape. That Orange greatly limits many options. They need to stop drawing between the lines like this.

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