KR PATCH NOTE???rumored changes GS

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bns treee dead or something ?


i searched the internet and saw this:


Gunner changes

Unload becomes projectile <<<<<<<

removes aransu and dynasti badge's effect for [pierce def / parry]

wire (reload) cd becomes 15 - > 18

alpha call (pvp) becomes 45 sec cd - > 60 sec

aransu/dynasti can now activate using other V skills instead of scorching earth, if u use other V skills to activate, it lasts 4 sec


am gonna break down all of this 


1.Unload becomes projectile <<<<<<<


so now fm summ bm sin can have a cup of tea while u have no such defense piercing skill i mean guard break is good but its easy to resist for the whole duration of that 6 sec,in bg fm just sit in divine veil literally  the whole fight,, same for summ with weapon reset procs its like 90 percent uptime, fm can easily stall until cd comes back up. so no way a gunner can kill a fm in bg .


removes aransu and dynasti badge's effect for [pierce def / parry]


ok so they remove def and parry pierce of vt badge, if they have prob with range classes , fm badge should also be nrf accordingly, cnsidering the fact that the first hit of that is literally half your health wide aoe, and benefits from weapon reset (all thy spam ) 


wire (reload) cd becomes 15 - > 18


gunner lacks defensive skills, it has power( thy nerf the power bug time now ) but lacks survivabilty if literally 3 people fight a gunner that is decent gear u will die , so our hooks are crucial for survival 15 sec was a big nerf but 3 more seconds really not even for bg but pvp wise, u start the match with 2 hooks wont get any until 18 sec ..you will see any of these class fight 5 people , wl summ sin , dest bm bd kfm fm but where is gunner.if they increase the stun stand off time would be so bad ....



alpha call (pvp) becomes 45 sec cd - > 60 sec


i dont have a prob with this , but considering teh fact they nerf hook reload time, at some point your gonna be a stand still dummy worst fi your in bg. 


aransu/dynasti can now activate using other V skills instead of scorching earth, if u use other V skills to activate, it lasts 4 sec..


this not so bad but as a gunner in bg you dont have time to let people use esc and all that its all pve for every class....


overall thoughts , they nerf everything about gunner, making the class more useless than ever, so now after dealing with bm holding 1 and wl holding 1 you have to deal with fm and summ sitting in veil now , literally not 1 skill can go through that, at least fire fall makes unload not projectile but come on , every class has a skill that goes through veil but gunner .....if i had to nerf a thing about gunner. makeblue flame not pierce parry  but keep def piecing   so now if am hitting a target due to blue flame large aoe if a bd ahppen to spin close ot him am gonna get deflected of that....garbage--__-- 


every class 1 shots - 

 oh look:

kfm - tremor - 5 kills


fm ground blast (literally a bullet storm cover up)- 4 kills


destoryer( i seen a dest flex his muscle and am dead )


sf - 1 airial oooh where did all my health go , next to that self buff spam every 30 seconds


sin send u airborne,  throws bomb u dead or way low health


summoner - all i known they do is spam 3 bees , considering how thy survivability so high 


bm pull stun into draw - dead, do 1 airial half health 


bd - runs up, with x  1 sec u dead , do an aerial half health or low health then into draw sure death.


wl do an airial dead, give party soul burn bw  dead, sits in sancum and pve u and spam block.



gunner is only strong when  team mates or by they side , other wise than that u useless in a 3 v1 




i know its kr vault but what they shold be nerfing is :





 spin class(resisit stun daze etc)

2 esc

gorund counter

5 hit iframe

wall bang 

that nasty execute 

iron plating

ember stomp


oh cc u then sit in ember stop and pve u until u use esc , then grabs u walks to wall red spin stun and gg 


warlock aerial damage 


kfm ulti- kfm utli loads super fast ..and the tracking si just gg 


what gunner needs to compensate for these nerfs


- a projectile resist skill similar to sin smoke, since we cant run as often now tbh fire fall move 3 i think is garbage .not th pull one the other one that nobody use can really be a good projectile resist at least 5 sec.


i dont know where to find the patch notes now i dont know why they stop updating bnstree or its just me .


point is every class in bg pve , why cause pvp is dead , gunner is being forced to pop ppl esc just to kill , while other class just run around and press 1 button to kill -___-


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the gunner is completely useless when they apply that patch so it will be time to go preparing the change of class to fm or sm

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weapon effect:
tab escape cd reduced by 35%
hm focus recovery, on hit of certain class skills

stage 9 effect:

pvp ap 240, pvp def 1000
chance to recover 40% focus per second for 3 seconds
chance to drain 5000

on attack, activate yumhwang effect for 18s (17s cd)

during yumhwang effect:
250 ap, 450 pvp ap
2200 debuff dmg
30000 hp, 3200 cdef
4600 pvp def
recovery 1850, combat regen 3000

bm: flash step 650 hm focus per enemy hit
kfm: comet 400 hm focus per enemy hit
des: typhoon 400 hm focus per enemy hit
fm: phantom grip move 1 400 hm focus on hit, shadow grasp first pull 400 hm focus per enemy hit
sin: lightning stride 650 hm focus per enemy hit
sum: briar patch / flying nettles 400 hm focus per enemy hit
bd: pve x (skyward slash / thunder slash) recovers 650 hm focus on hit, five point recovers 1450 hm focus on first hit
wl: shackle move 3 recovers 400 hm focus on hit
sf: pewpew aerial hit skill on f recovers 480 hm focus on hit
gun: air launch skill on c recovers 480 hm focus on hit
war: hehe

new bg ss

bm3: z cdr 30%, 4 dmg 100%
bm8: air extend dmg 100%, flash step 30% cdr, 120% dmg

kfm3: z cdr 30%, 4 dmg 65%
kfm8: ice/blue cdr 30%, 4 dmg 35%, tab leap 30% cdr, dmg 100%

fm3: 3 cdr 25%, multiblaze dmg 80%, ice dual dragons dmg 65%
fm8: 4 cdr 25%, x cdr 30%, dmg 150%

des3: 1 cdr 25%, x dmg 100%
des8: e cdr 20%, q cdr 30%, dmg 100%

sin3: c cdr 25%, z dmg 220%
sin8: 4 dmg 35%, lightning stride cdr 30%, dmg 100%

sum3: e cdr 25%, nettles/briar dmg 85%
sum8: 1 cdr 30%, dmg 90%, doom n bloom dmg 120%

wl3: x cdr 30%, v dmg 90%
wl8: tab cdr 30%, 2 cdr 20%, dmg 100%

sf3: melee 4 30% cdr, v dmg 65%
sf8: c cdr 15%, aerial pew pew dmg 45%, v dmg 35%

gun3: c cdr 30%, v dmg 90%
gun8: x cdr 20%, tab cdr 30%, air launch c dmg 65%

war3: hehe
war8: xd

ss changes:

wwv3: stealth 1 + air launch dmg 80%
beluga8: stealth 1 + air launch dmg 135%
nova3: 4 dmg 25%

tt8: rmb + bulletstorm dmg 30%

beluga3: x cdr 25%

bt3: 2/f dmg 25%, 4 dmg 50%
vt8: tiger dmg 35%
tt3: (ADD) x & sb x dmg 65%
nova3: (ADD) 4 dmg 30%
nova8: 4 dmg 60%

nova8: dual dragons dmg 60%

nova3: v dmg 25%
nova8: v dmg 60%

pet psyche/enhancement
transmute 5 pet pod + 30g - heroic psyche OR legendary psyche
5 heroic psyche + 1 pet pod + 30g - legendary psyche

heroic psyche - 66~330 crit, 44~220 cdmg
legendary psyche - 137-687 crit, 91-458 cdmg

can trade toi tokens for nova ss

1 - 10
2 - 15
3 - 20
4 - 25
5 - 35
6 - 45
7 - 55
8 - 65

sea glass, blood pearl, dragonforge fragment, cosmic pearl, vt wing, vt heart, vt weapon mat ACCOUNT bound (no mail fee)

skill changes

can no longer tab escape while airborne
x move 2 (daze) will allow enemy to f roll

shadow c correctly deals shadow dmg
shadow lightning stride correctly deals shadow dmg
lightning 4 correctly deals lightning dmg

tooltip fix for hm helix move 2

can cast next ability faster after 4 kick (both wind & fire)

wire move 1 tooltip fix (correctly lists heal on resist)
fixed bug where wire would be consumed without the skill going off when being cc'd/hit


targeting/factoring drastically reduced for using the <5m range q/e

fixed frame drop issues when sb ended

dungeon changes (na relevant only)

enrage timer shortened for: dd, hh, rt, ssm, el, bt (1,3)

dd: normal mode 1st boss, no longer die on 50 stacks of debuff

st: no longer enrages on failing to cc on grip
no longer enrages when markers fail to do mech
bombing red pillar no longer wipes

translations by scoot
no editing/formatting enjoy


freshly copy pasted from source.


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1 hour ago, Sheral said:

the gunner is completely useless when they apply that patch ...

I already see raid groups and clans forming that explicitly say "no gunners"...   with all these nerfs...are you really trying to kill gunner class?  


So why don't you add the ability for gunners to shoot while in the air.   Look at any game with a good gunner... they can dodge by leaping up...more than once/12 seconds, and target and shoot while in air.  Or how about 'resist'/'defense', things like swordshroud or rumblebees by a shooting blast that hits all of them -- these are things game & anime gunners can do elsewhere, but here?... more nerfs.   Why make them so useless you really want people with time invested on a gunner to quit?  Face it -- in a contest of techniques and monsters, guns should be able to beat all classes -- making them the weakest as a some protest is anachronistic.


If you wanna nerf something, try WL (at least in pvp)... how many classes can survive 270K hits in 1 second from a comet strike?  Have seen it more than once.  No way a gunner can compete against that since bullet storm (if you get a chance, usually keys are disabled on gunners in battle for *some* reason) takes at least 6-10 seconds to get off a full set of volley's, then twiddle thumbs for cd   while even 1 other player can stomp you.  

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On 8/21/2018 at 2:38 AM, Sheral said:

the gunner is completely useless when they apply that patch so it will be time to go preparing the change of class to fm or sm

the hell you are talking about? Gunner will still be top DPS PVE wise...the nerf is mainly PVP focused not PVE.

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they only nerf us because warrior coming and peopl attached to gs ..only reason for nerf dont be fooled...

22 hours ago, LiNe171 said:

Who complain about nerfs are people who can't even use their class.. Stop crying, x2.

this nerf is a big pvp nerf and its not about using your class its about how your gonna make it further up the ladder, when you were not top 3 to begin with .. in arena the classes that need nerf is wl,destroyers and sin.


yall just jellly of gunners  


as i said if you a class without block you will still get on shot no difference just delaying the inevitable 

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