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cannot dodge or block in time

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Does anyone have the experience that your character steps right past the boss' attack area, and still gets hit, or does not respond to your Q/E even though you are not doing dps or anything but just moving around or standing right there? I have been having this problem since I started playing this game. Back then the ping was around 200 ms, so it seemed normal. But now even though I have around 140 to 180 ms, the problem persists. Any idea or advice on what to do to fix this? 



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Q/E is your iframe, time it right and you can avoid getting hit

practice in f12

also there is a position lag going on if you are going to move away from an attack, you need to do either SS or move and jump to unpossition lag yourself, that way you can avoid some attacks that would still hit you even tho you are not in the area of the attack indicator.

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Sounds to me like you're either trying to hit the dodge too late or are using a skill that might interfere with your dodging. I remember my SF has had issues SSing during FAS and eating a punishment once in a while, because I was attacking a bit too over-zealously.


Just remember that Q/E/SS dodges don't need to be so precise as to hit them the instant the attack comes out. You have a short invulnerability window slightly after the dodge is done. If you're finding that dodging is not working out properly, consider going to the Hongmoon Training Room and going through your training. Some of the lessons involve learning how to dodge. Generally speaking, however, you can see an amber or red effect on the ground whenever a large enemy is doing a big attack. The red effect is a bit more special in this case in where there is a ring on the edge of the effect that the red glow expands towards. The moment the glowing area reaches the ring, the attack goes off. You can use this to better time your dodges if need be. If the attack is one of the amber ones, consider using a block/counter skill instead, as all amber skills can be blocked. Pretty much all melee (and some ranged ) classes have some kind of blocking or countering ability.

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