Beating Yunsang as a Shadow Warlock with 200-300 ping

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Oh, you expected a video from me where this is possible right? WRONG.


Best I can bring him down to is 50% hp until I'm grabbed twice in a row because two of my escapes move me too far away and the third one is useless, or the DoT gets me due to lag or the inability to jump while using Dragon Helix. I wish I could use Dragon Helix while jumping or at least cancel it, or if Yunsang didn't have that instakill...


If anyone has any tips for me other than waiting to get full aransu gear or moving to a new city with a better ISP that would be great.

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What is your current gear teir? I main a shadow WL, still raven, and might be able to help you figure out how to defeat him.

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