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60 Box Opening & Outfit preview

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10 hours ago, HateMe said:

i really do not see the point of topics like this....everyone knows what rng is, if you buy the boxes you do so by your own free will knowing what to expect.

There are people who like to see rates after an actual opening before they decide if it's worth to buy it themselves.

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I got 25 boxes.


Kept two demoniac, one strickly buz, daywatch, overtime and a rising sun (from rosethorn box), bc I wanted the carp pet from this box. The rosethorn and stuff from the vendor for 25 Designer threads imo, was spendy af for accessories. 


No cop ( i don't like the cop one tho) urban pieces at all.


I turned in 20 tokens for the crown...it was btwn that or full kitty outfit, the crown/hair won out.


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