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2 Bugs on Blademasters


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I tried to figure out how to reproduce those two bugs but couldnt figure them out. They just appeared while I was raiding or doing dungeons, but often enough to start being really annoying.

The first bug is when Lunar Slash (Tab) doesnt give Conflagration Buff. It just randomly happens and doesnt allow you to use Dragontongue, which is extremely annoying, since your Lunar Slash will be on a really high cooldown because of it.

The second bug is something really strange. It happens mostly in raids, so Im guessing it has something to do with the low FPS & Stutters. In this bug, you Normal Stance RMB & LMB are not working, until you get into draw Stance & back out. This is especially annoying when you try to use RMB or LMB to trigger Conflagration Flash (F after RMB or LMB)  to reduce the Lunar Slash Cooldown. In situation where you shouldnt use Q or E, it makes you unable to dps until Lunar Slash or 4 are off cooldown. If I manage to figure out how to actually trigger them all the time, I will edit this post.

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+1, these need to be fixed


Also, it happens more and more often that you're dropped from draw stance, no matter what you do. This is especially annoying when you've just used your tab... you hold down your rmb like normal but you're not in draw stance anymore.

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