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(Mediocre) Damage Parse Thoughts


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Hi all,

I was wondering if I could get your opinions on my sf damage parse :3 the gear is still pretty mediocre but I'll be giving her a legendary soul and r3 soon and I wanted to get some opinions on how I did in the Moyun Parse. My friend said I should be doing more though I'm not sure if that's due to ping or not (I have abouts 113-150 range, it likes to jump v.v ) but anyway, if anyone could let me know what they think that'd be great :please: thanks in advance!

PS: I like to have 10p in health regen at all times (unless I'm going full investment in def for things like SK), just for surviving some DoT in some dungeons

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Eh... it's honestly not bad for your gear. My own SF is roughly the same as yours without the Aransu Badge and fused Soul Badge despite being having better accessories and weapon...


...and that's pretty much where you need to go as well... improve the accessories and weapon.


For accessories, you want to level up your ring and earring more than leaving them at stage 1. Since you seem to have people who can help carry you in VT, you might be thinking about TT and getting the better versions of the ring/earring, but until you get those or boost your BT ring/earring, your DPS will suffer. After all, those accessories give additional benefits that do help your overall DPS. Additionally, you still have the Celestial Heart and Hollow Gloves. Complete the story as far as it goes - along the way, you'll get a new, stronger heart and materials to help upgrade it a few times. It should be more powerful than what you have by a decent bit. As for the gloves, work to getting better ones. Even on the basic level, getting a simple pair of Starstone Gloves from Starstone Mines will be a simple upgrade... plus, since you'll need them as an upgrade material for legendary gloves anyways... might as well wear 'em in the meantime.


Finally, obviously, work on your weapon.


The only other thing I can think of is if your Soul Shield. If your SS does not have base critical on it, try and replace those pieces of the shield. Also, if you haven't put critical soul shield primers on all of those pieces, you're also losing potential DPS. You might not want to use the best primers for your BT shield, but at the very least try to use Artesenal shields for this one, especially if you have any characters in the Soul Wardens to craft them.


And ya... that's about it, really.

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