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problems selling on market through dragon trader merchant


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Since last update, I've noticed problems selling -- I can click on sell tab in DragonTrader merch (in a city or such), when I right click

on the item, I get a little symbol over the item indicating 'locked' (normal), but it never appears in sell -- nor can I enter anything in

the sell tab (change time/money/amount...  The Sell button isn't greyed out -- like it should work, but pressing it is also ignored.


Only thing that brings interface back is rt-clicking on the item again, and things are back to normal.


Even tried drag-n-drop...no go...


If I am in buy tab and rt-click on item -- it goes to the sell tab, but same problems as above.


I don't know what is different, but **maybe** 1 time in 20 it will work.  Never seen this symptom before.




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