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ok so what exactly is the fail rate on premium trans stones...

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vor einer Stunde schrieb ferretoya:

This is acltually best option IMO. But this will cause another problem, materials will become much more expensive on f5. Since necessity of pts will drop significantly ppeople will start to make profits on selling raw materials. And by thus Sacred Oil prices will go higher.

Thats not how economics work. The material prices are set by their demand, if you give people the possibility to craft PTS with bound materials it'll reduce the demand for PTS and with that materials (to craft PTS). The price of the materials would decrease a bit and with that the prices of the things crafter from it also.

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Yea it's a huge road block for me, all my jewelry and my weapon, is at a halt bc I can't make a prem stones and they're too spendy to buy.

I just switched to my WL, done with peaches and did BT for her, so she's quickly getting there as well.

Time to go play FF14 for a month or w/e they fix it. 


I'll pop in here for weekly updates, ty.

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