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Suggestions: More Grabs, Buff 5set Restraint (again), Destro soul badges.

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1. It's been over a year since grabs have been actively sought after in F8. The last time people have asked for grabs was for Naryu sanctum and Desolate tomb. In Naryu Sanctum, all 3 bosses were grabbable. If you look at a recent dungeons like SST, DD, and RT; it's a different story. You grab very sparsely or the bosses are ungrabbable at all. Think about this, soulburn and fighting spirit are just dps support skills, but it would be blasphemous if a boss were to be suddenly immune to SB and BB. This very thing is happening to grabs, but it's not treated with the same respect.


2. The next part is to increase restraint skills (again). Very simply, double it (e.g TT5 100% > 200%). Right now it is on the verge of being useful; it's buffed to the point where it's dps neutral. When restraint skills first came out, it was the indisputable skill to use. Restraint skills can now be ignored, if not must be ignored if VT badges proc. With SST bracelets, it's even more worthless. I did the math and doubling what we currently have will bring it back to it's former glory. I'm not stopping there, I noticed that there's also an imbalance on base multipliers on restraint skills. (e.g crosshairs for gunner is so slow, it's better off disabled) It either needs a speed increase or a multiplier buff. Doing some math (good skills have a 180 base multiplier on a 6s restraint) here's an outline of what should be done.


  • Crackling blade - 10 > 11
  • One Two punch - 10 > 12 
  • Long Division - Good as is
  • Mystic Fire - Good as is
  • Double Time- Good as is
  • MoonFall - 9 > 10
  • Thundering Sword - 9 > 10
  • Storming Sword - 12 > 15
  • Soul Dash - Good as is
  • Beam Cannon - 9 > 10
  • Cross Hairs - 10 > 13


3. One badge effect I would love to see changed on a destroyer is the measly 3s wrath you get from primal  force and eternity badge. The duration for perfect synergy would be 8s for both badges. This in effect would allow a smash comboed with a shield break to fully utilize the starbreaker bracelet. Also great for long soul so you retain the 36s x 2 fury cycle for the 72s cooldown.

Understandably, ancestral badge will be undermined, but here's my suggestion. Add 0.5s reduction on smash per cleave for glory badge and increase reduction on courage from 6s > 12s.

This will in effect give you 3 24s fury cycles in 72s as well as giving smash a sufficient reduction to not depend on RNG resets.

Earth destroyers are in need of a buff and this will give enough of a boost to give them comparable dps to shadow destroyers. If it ends up doing more, that's great! It's a more difficult rotation and deserves more for it's difficulty. This is coming from a shadow main.


I know I could have easily been more concise, but I feel passionately about these changes and I've put many things into consideration before creating them and wanted to explain the details. The changes I'm asking for is merely fidgeting with some numbers for vast changes. The somewhat demanding part is the grabbable bosses, which I'd love to see, but I'd be mildly disappointed if it can't.

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