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Smite button reassign


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Just wanted to hear other Wind kfm thoughts on having smite at F. is it just me or do other players have the trouble of accidentally hitting smite when it's up but not wanting to use it yet? I was hoping to maybe get a thread started in the hopes that NCSoft may see this and reassign smite key to another button, say 4?



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On 8/4/2018 at 9:47 AM, hrwd said:

While at it, why not change the places of Swift / Tiger Strike and Guiding Fist? What's a Dash doing on a DPS button(or vice versa)?

DPS button? I'm sorry, but I'm not following.


And honestly, I'm pretty good with having RMB be a dash. It's readily available in case something happens that moves you or the enemy out of range.


As for smite being moved... I can't really see a good place to put it otherwise... unless they did something like moving it to 2 and putting swift strike on RMB when close to an enemy... but that pretty much screws up Magnum's ability (which is a good badge for newer KFM).

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Yea I was thinking that as well, like what would be a good spot. Well I was thinking it could just be on rmb or tab as currently these skills are gap closers but I could see it interfering with blue buff so really rmb would be best as guiding fist would still be available after smite and if you're using magnum you'll probably still be using smite anyway. Smite triggers only when conditions are met which I reckon wouldn't interfere with guiding fist

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