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Increase SSP boss health

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Can we seriously get like a 10x hp buff to the current bosses in SSP? Its gotten ridiculous to the point that even gunners cant get a hit off on the boss now before its dead. It dies within like .1 seconds giving almost everyone no credit. This goes for all the bosses in SSP, whether its the giant boar or even the captains during the attack/defense phase. (SSP= Soulstone Plains to those that are new)

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it wouldn't be a problem if SSP was worth doing, now there's usually only 1 dominant faction there and only 2 channels. maybe there just needs to be a new faction vs faction area for later game players, since ssp is technically for like 45-50 (or whenever you can go to Zaiwei).

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3 hours ago, Wataru said:

So the faction that can't farm can have an option to kill mobs of the dominate faction. 

Only time can't farm is when say one side gets drilling rights, lately cerus, and some high lvl crim comes in at first of mining cycle and kills both engineers.   Then cerus that that would normally farm points off of 1-2-rounds of  6 semi-bosses (4 cptns and 2 unbound) but now get no waves cuz drills are gone, whereas lower lvl crims get to come in and farm NPC's on the ceru side (usually both sides let other side farm - exception is when some rogue takes out the drilling side's engineers.


SSP guns sound like they would unbalance the detente.  


BTW -- only boss, far as I'm concerned is the 1000pt elite that can spawn for each side.  The others...are sub-bosses at best.  That's why they have fewer souls and go down so fast (most NPC's and PC's go down when under fire from 30-40 players).  Including HM20's who wipe most groups.

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5 hours ago, Thrameos said:

Change everything in SSP to level 60 please.   That way they are harder to kill and give more points.


wait for level 60 patch if there is one, they will put lvl 60 scale on every content that it shouldn't be... Just like they did with level 55 scale, the level 55 scale should only affect Solak content not EVERYTHING.. they made a big bug.

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