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can hlp plz


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For Future questions, please add more info of what you are trying to do, because now I basicly have to guess at what point you are getting that message ;)


I would guess, you are trying to purchace from the achievment vendor in zaiwei market place? Or from the smal vendor which sells the koldrak stuff as well (they moved some thing there didn't they). Or you are trying to purchase a soul shield?

This message would imply, that you are trying to purchase something and you do not meet the requirement. Some things at these mercants need some requirements, not just the currency. 

For example, to purchase the raven soul shields, you need to have killed the bosses in skybreak spire. Different numberns need different bosses. Or the accesories purchased with helion cores, they need 10 runs in the dungeon where they would drop. Or some fashion/materials for hongmoon skills, they need points and/or certain bosses killed. 

If you don't meet these requirement, they are red when you hover over them. While it is not convenient to search for achievments by name, it is mostly an achievment from  a place where they would normally drop, which narrowns down the region at least.

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