General difference between ranged classes

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I've only played melee classes up till now and I wanted to try  out a ranged class.  When you look at the stats (hexagon) it will tell you that their Attack and Defence are all the same.


What's the difference between a Gunslinger, Warlock and Force Master in terms of dps, survivability and party buffs.

if there is any major difference then which one is most enjoyable in your opinion? (regardless of difficulty)


Thank you for leaving a reply.


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Each class even if its all ranged have a different purpose and a different use.


Partywise: Warlock boosts the party's DPS, Gunner can reset skills with Z or escapes dpending on the spec, gunner can also reset wardens or warlocks Soulburn or a kfm/sins blue buff to bosst party's dps a second time in a row.

Forcemaster is more a party protect class with sheath/veil and a DPS.

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