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Region Characters

  • A service that allows our character to be "duplicated" from one region to another for those who may have ping issues but have spent too much already to re-roll. Titles, Achievements, Gears, Gems, Cosmetics, Weapon Skins/Pet Skins, Gold, Items within our Inventory/Bank Slots and Unlocked Inventory/Bank Rows. Items/features that probably can't be transferred for obvious reasons: Clan Uniforms, Faction Rank, Crafting Level, F11 Ranking and possibly Zen Beans/Battle Points. Some of us may have played in a region because they're friends we're in there, others may have moved locations and are now having ping-related issues. I'm sure these process can be quite lengthy, hence the N-Coin price would be expected to be higher but nonetheless, a service that helps players and funds the company.


  • Plain and simple. We fish in certain areas and can expect rewards and sometimes rare loot. Most of the time you'll come across a thrown out shoe or a washed up warding doll for the resell value of 1 copper. Once in a while, a nice soulstone crystal or Elysian may crop up. In rare cases, a Heptagonal gem from a burnt down village upstream whose owner died falling into the river was found heading down stream when we just had to pick it up out of coincidence. Certain places are different loot logs and/or % drops. Would it be pressing the F key such as in Windrest though? Or would you guys prefer a minigame of sorts? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Housing System

  • I would love to see a housing system. Decorate your own personal home, probably having cash shop items similar to the clan designs for uniforms under the materials tab. Start off by choosing 1 of 3 basic themes, others unlocked via additional costs. Premium members would get such a discount on decorations. Chuck in rarer items in the MoW found in hardmode to add more incentive? The purpose of this? I guess to give us more reasons to chill back rather than to login for Event Dailys and quit for another game after 30 mins. Maybe owning a house entitles you to additional F5 marketplace sale slots as well as more discounts on fees. Perhaps reintroduce raw materials into the regions such as food than when combined and dispatched into the oven with a craft time ranging from 20 minutes - 8hours, can make new introduced buff food for PvE Content, Raids and/or 6v6. If you rest in your arm chair for 10 minutes, you get a resting buff that grants: +15ap, +200 Crit, +200 Piercing, +200 Accuracy, +200 Def, +500Health Regen, + 5000 HP.

Kaari Lord

  • It's been quite some time sine the Gold/Itemdrop nerf hit Cold Storage and various other dungeons below Naryu Sanctum. I propose either removing the White Orb system from the Kaari Lord boss or giving a 100% droprate on WO from Cold Storage. As far as Heaven's mandate goes, i don't see much of an issue, "My Orb, My loot" rule usually works within the community, albeit not 100% of the time. The exp is quite a nice bonus from kaari lord and see no reason to continue requirement as the supply isn't the most stable (paying 2-4g just for a dynamic quest)

What are your thoughts on my suggestions? I hope I don't sound entitled or that my QoL changes sound ridiculous but too each their own I guess :c

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Region characters - like region transfers when they said will never happen, i am quite sure this wont happen aswel.


Housing - Hell no, there are plenty other games which have housing systems and literally next to no one uses them, its a waste of resources for something that wont be widely used as multum of games already proven.


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Housing absolutely yes yes yes a million times yes!!


Games will continue to pump out content no matter what, pushing out housing isn't suddenly going to make the entire game collapse and only focus on housing alone.

Blade and Souls big problem is that to be frank, it's boring!!!

It's either you pay piggie up and go 6v6 or you grind for 10,000 years and end-game raid...for what I don't know. I guess to just keep having the best gear and over...which gear means nothing, it's literally as boring as it gets!!


Housing would be a good goal to work toward. Something you'd actually have something to show for, something you could invite friends into (unlike Tera who pushed out castles and then made it so no one could visit only to completely remove and scrap them later on). I'd love to have a cozy little house to decorate and invite friends over to. THAT is something I would pay piggie for, no shame anywhere in sight.


Additional QoL Suggestions:


Increase text limit in chat  ☆

It's very difficult to explain dungeons to newbies with this teeny tiny limit that erases everything you said if you hit the magical mysterious "too much" number. It's time to stop living in the past!!! The bot problem is nowhere near what it used to be and it never will be that big again. Whether you have small or big text amount, they will still be there!! It's not fixing anything having it that small!!

Having the limit that small also completely turned away the Roleplay community. Hey, do you have any idea how much money Roleplayers spend in MMOs?? Increase the chat size would cost you nothing and gain you a lot more. Again, bots will always be there-we'll always be blocking them anyway. Please increase the limit already!


Emoticon swapping/buying

Already covered this in the thread about why the outfit collector won't be purchasing the current boxes, but to sum it up, it would just be way way way more fun lol. The emoticons we have now are very limited and whats worse, they keep releasing new ones only tied to certain outfits. I wish they'd wake up and think of making money in ways that make people happy for once (assuming they dont sell them for $50+ each anyway).. Sell emoticons!! New ones, ones in packs, all types of dances-whatever you can!


Character to Character idle poses

Not important at all, but would add a nice touch for screenshot addicts and those more on the social to roleplaying side.

If there was a way to recognize people on our friendslists and have additional idle animations (small gestures, some including occasional hand movements as if talking depending on how close to them you're standing, dusting off the others shoulder, etc). Again, not very important and of course not at all possible right now but someday that would be cute!


Shared vault and increased inventory spaces

Self explanatory, this game is quite cramped in terms of how much space you have to keep things...


In-game bulletin boards for guild advertisement in towns

Also covered in the other thread, but to sum that up, an easier and more organized way for guilds to get their names out there. Bonus points if it includes nice thoughtful touches that allow players to express creativity instead of just boring mandatory 2 lines of text or something


More spaces in F3 for favorited costumes + Favorited accessories

Explains itself as well. It's a bit annoying to only be able to favorite 5 and it's weird that it can only be costumes.


Ability to sort characters at character selection screen

This has already been brought up a million times and might not even be possible, but for the sake of showing that there's still interest in it I'll add it anyway


Ability to sort Favorites on F5

Sometimes I'm interested more in keeping tabs on the prices of somethings more than others and I don't always feel like having to remove and re-add some to sort them around better to fit that


Ok that's all I can think of for now

*Edit, thought of 2 more things!

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Added more!
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Something I have always found concerning about Blade & Soul is the lack of GM presence. Outside of being able to Tweet at Jonathan or post here on the forums, there is little interaction between NCWest and the community. 
In other games I have played in the past, players have openly been able to come into contact with GMs and ask questions in either a casual or formal manner. The closest thing our current title has is being able to send in support tickets - which are rarely replied to with more than a copy pasted response.  I'm sure plenty of people ask for a lot of annoying stuff, but it is frustrating feeling like you're trying to communicate with people who don't even play the game. A number of times I've had to correct the responses I've received from support simply because I knew the responses were straight up wrong.

The current GMs rarely playing the game or being available in-game is a huge red flag in itself for many players. Despite this, I understand you guys probably don't have the resources to hire new GMs or start dishing out more paychecks. 
My concept for a solution is taking real players as volunteers of sorts and giving them some kind of 'elevated' status, like baby GMs. Unable to do anything on their own, but in semi-direct contact with those who can. Being able to talk to people who you know will get your message through or answer some of your questions would be a huge relief to a large majority of the player base. 

I am an (overly) active player, raid and clan leader and would be interested in volunteering my time in this kind of way. I'm sure many people like myself would also be willing to donate their time into helping the players voices be heard in-game. A player vote of sorts or interview could be used to determine eligibility for this role.

I know you guys have been in direct contact with guilds in the past, so please consider broadening your horizons!  

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47 minutes ago, milkycharm said:

Something I have always found concerning about Blade & Soul is the lack of GM presence. Outside of being able to Tweet at Jonathan or post here on the forums, there is little interaction between NCWest and the community. 
In other games I have played in the past, players have openly been able to come into contact with GMs and ask questions in either a casual or formal manner.

This is certainly something I've noticed as well

All MMOs I played in the past aside from maybe Dragon Nest had GMs in-game. You wouldnt see them every day of course, maybe more like once every 2 or 3 months.

Usually, they stood invisible in highly populated areas to watch out for fights, although BnS's population is so anti-social I suppose there isnt much need for that here..most fights probably happen in raid chats.


Nonetheless, either increased GM presence or added aid of a few devoted players could prove to be very very useful

A big problem with NCWest seems to be...understanding it's playerbase. The communication is ok, they do respond on twitter and reddit and here every now and then.

But! Even with that, they still don't truly have a good understanding of players problems. They mostly go by anger filled posts-posts that people make when they're really at the brink of giving up and by the time it reaches that...the thing is, it shouldnt reach that point to begin with. Even I've had my moments of absolute fury/disgust and while they did take into consideration my words of anger it still didn't feel good because I didnt like that I had to get that upset for something to change anyway.


I remember LaTale having a GA position and I believe Tera still currently has a Player Counsel system in place as well.

I know some CM/GMs here are in certain discords, but discords are hard to pay too much attention to so I don't see that as really doing much personally.


I hope they'll consider either really amping up their presence or enlisting the help of others who can in their place.

I think if they were actually around in the game or had the help of others who were, a lot of big and negative controversies could easily be avoided.

-Don't get me wrong, I do like our CMs, they're very very cute. Even if I snap at them sometimes, I still love them please understand. BUT. It cannot be denied that theyyyyy donnnnnt actually play the game which does reflect terribly because that means the decisions they make are based on uneducated guesses and that is why so many of them go wrong, with all due respect my kings and queens your honors, I am but a simple court jester.

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