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Tailor Shop Bug with "Pure White" outfit.


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This has been this way ever since the Tailor Shop went live in NA. Whenever you change ANYTHING at all, it makes the "underwear" and the thigh strap change to a darker color. I could just click "plush" texture and not change a single color on any part at all, and the underwear will change form white to some leather brown color of some sort. I just spent the 20g to revert my 2nd Pure White (I leave the originals of cosmetics alone when I have two different ones, for storage sake), to see if I could JUST change the texture to "plush" with the slider maxed out. ALL that is supposed to do is change the part I have selected, to a more velvet-looking texture. It's nto suppose to change the color fo anything at all. Anyway, I Just wanted to bring this to your attention so your guys can fix it. Thanks for any and all help in this matter.^^

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