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Moonstone in aransu!

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Can u  reduce  the  number  of  the  moonstone  crystal  to  max  aransu , well  it  is 1800 and  the  only  way  for  f2p to  farm  moonstones  is  f15 which  is  old  content  already  and  it  takes  some  time  and  only  gives 1 moonstones  crystal  with  a  chance  for  others , u  need  moonstone  crsytal  for  a  lot  of other  stuff , what  about  adding  sacred  and  elysian  crystal  for  it ? And  reduce  thr  ammount  of  moonstone

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It's a good grind without counting daily login bonuses (Premium), daily dash, dungeon rewards and event rewards. Celestial Basin is a good guarantee source of moonstones and other materials, 500 Peaches for a treasure pouch. Time to get grinding!

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