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newb warlock when how do I unlock shadow


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Just started the game and every warlock I create seems to only have access to frost


I leveled up 1a warlock to level 9 and still only frost


I want to play shadow or not play at all so how /when am I able to unlock shadow?  A 1,000 google searches turned up no info


Is there no option to start warlock with shadow?  Must I level up to a certain level to unlock shadow?  What am I missing?


I love the graphics and think I will love the game as long as I can play how I want = a shadow warlock

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Yeah I know it is annoying... I guess it was made that way, to make the purple tutorials easier to program.

Anyway, if you haven't found out already, the other element is unlocked with a certain story quest (yellow ones). Not sure about the name, but once you enter jade stone and do some stuff there, they send you out of town, after some events, you meet some guys and then you can finally change your element. You are about level 17 or 18 I think... so from level 9 it takes about 10 minutes ;) Depending on what you do.

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