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Why is Galaxy Weapon Chest recommended for PvP?

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OK.So I'm confused. People say galaxy weapon chest is for PvP.But what I don't get is,it's for level 50.Do you upgrade it to be up to the mark for level 55 then enter PvP?Clear my confusion please.Also,how is it different from Light/Dark Weapons?

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Galaxy weapon is upgraded to Ascendant and then to Dragonforge .  Its a PVP weapon because the buff and stats it procs are pvp oriented.

For example it gives oyu crit defense, PVP attack power, life drain etc...


Thats why using it in PVE is a real DPS kill compared to baleful / seraph.

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First off, without going into too much detail, I can say that the whole PVP weapon branch is distinctly inferior in PvE damage to the PvE weapon branch. I think it's enough if I say I tested Raven 3 vs Dragonforge 6 and Raven 3 won.


Then why are Galaxy weapons good for PvP?


Ignoring for now the fact that a galaxy weapon is needed to obtain an Ascendant and later Dragonforge PvP weapon, let's discuss advantages and characteristics of it for PvP.


First advantage: If you participate in 6v6, it is very easy and cheap to upgrade galaxy weapons. You can reach max Galaxy long before you ever dream of affording a Raven weapon.


Then, they provide critical defense, and flat out life drain on attack. Crit def is highly needed for 6v6 survival, life drain plays a higher role in the lower dps environment of PvP than it does in the 500k dps PvE world.


Unlike later PvP weapon tiers, the Galaxy effect procs similar to how PvE weapon procs work: Random on attack, you acquire stages. On 10 stages, the galaxy effect kicks in and increases your HP, Defense, Critical, Piercing, AP and Combat HP regeneration plus adds a flat out damage. Also like with PvE weapons, once the effect expires, skills are reset.

Stages can be stacked relatively quickly in PvP with AoE, for example with destroyer redspin. Otherwise it's actually a bit slow to trigger.
Ascendant and Dragonforge effects work quite differently (better), but that's for a different post to discuss. ;)


So PvE weapons boost critical rate, critical damage and elemantal damage. Since critical defense can counteract two thirds of this, their value is much more reduced in PvP. Instead, the pierce stat, e.g. from galaxy effect, will do a lot to increase you damage.

At high stages, Galaxy will also provide a defensive buff that drains focus from enemies, which can be life-saving by disrupting their combos. However, this effect becomes much stronger with Ascendant weapons.

So in summary, it's a very cheap weapon that provides balanced defensive and offensive stats, and offensive stats that are not affected by critical defense.

Despite this more or less positive review, keep in mind that they are a very outdated PvP tier. They will not be able to scratch the current average 6v6 player by much.
They might make a difference in Bronze rank late in the season though, when heavy hitters have finally moved upwards.

Also they should be complemented by other PvP relevant gear: PvP Soulshield (ToI, SSM, Galaxy, Beluga) fused with pierce, basic PvP accessories (from EC, IF and DT), an amber gem and PvP buff food.

Combined, all of these easy-to-get items will give you a cutting edge over any BT stage PvE player who foolishly ventures into battlegrounds. Provided you practiced enough arena first. :P

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