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Enemy Silence

Simple solution to 6v6 (great for everyone)

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1. Add more ways to complete the daily and weekly challenges! This includes:

- get (insert amount) of captures! (objectives)

- get (insert amount) of kills 

- get (insert amount) of deflections (stopped others from capturing/mid capture)

- get (insert amount) of overall damage on enemy opponents!

- survive (insert amount) of near death encounters!

- get (insert amount) of kill assists! (opponent CC'd/grappled by you, gets killed by another player)

- get (insert amount) of Battle Points!

- play (insert amount) of matches! (the no afk will enable this to work as intended) 

- get the standard 1or 3 wins!


Completing any of the above objectives  will reward a clear in the daily or weeklies! It will also take the focus away from fear of whales and allow everyone to participate in 6v6 at their own pace while incentivizing supportive play. You're welcome NCsoft, now make it happen.

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that suggestion is sorry tosay...dumb lol


It would work if they made a seperate instance for it but in 6v6 that would make no sense at all.

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I don't think its likely that KR will add exclusive BG quests for NA.


I really love the assists one idea.  Also the damage dealt to enemies one sounds nice.  Takes pressure off looking for the last hit (kills one), trading  captures bewteen teams for the capture/interrupt ones.



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