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Nova Core left side bias

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The first pulsar heading at the left teams side puts the left team at a significant advantage, letting them play a defensive game.



I propose 2 pulsars spawn each time, each one heading at a separate teams goal.  This would help to even the map's bias.  Considering this solution, pts/pulsar may need to be lowered, or the match time decreased, with the pathway opening and final switch becoming active sooner.

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The advatange is as minimal as you can make it without changing the whole character of the battleground. I feel having 2 pulsars at the same would just mean too much chaos and a loss of the rythm that the BG has at the moment . You can win currently just by being better attuned to that rythm and more focused with your group, I like that.


And since it's random what side you start from, it's not unfair per se.

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