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soul badge for earth and high pin


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Well that is an interesting question... 


Of course "normally" undying is the  better choice, as this way your 2 gets your main damage skill (in combination with mystic badge of course). The question is, makes your ping you unable to use that combo? I am at about a ping of 120, but with the laptop the frames drop, so it probably playes like a worse ping. But even with the laptop, the combo is doable, apart from some freezes, which would also effect just rmb/lmb style. 


Do you have any of those badges and/or the dynasty mystic badge? That would be the easiest way to test it (magnum against alluvion). I could only test the undying against alluvion, which will obviously loose in that scenario. You also have to keep in mind, if you do not use undying (magnum) you are loosing very much of your possible mystic badge potential. 


If you don't have any of that gear, do you have problems with pressing your skills while you rmb/lmb? are your ratios of those ok?

Personally I would feel, unless you absolutly cannot press any skills while rmb/lmb, go for undying. But I did not do any math for this, so if someone has, I am pleased to learn about it ;) Plus if you could answer the questions, that would give an idea about how bad it is for you.



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