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Badges and Bracelets


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I recently restartet playing BnS and created a Soul Fighter (I´m playing on Frost build). Right now i am at HM10 with Baleful 10 Weapon (I´m currently gathering the pieces for Raven 1).


So I was wondering, for which Bracetlet and Soul/Mythic Bdges i should be aiming for. For what I´ve read so far It should be the Divine Dragon Bracelet, Pulse as Mythic Badge and Alluvion as first Soul Badge or Blue Moon as an Alternative. Is there anything else I could/should consider?


Thank you for your help!

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While I can't help you with sf stuff, just a quick reminder....


For now, do not upgrade to raven 1. Yes it is normally the cheapest path, but we still got about 2 weeks of event left. While this event runs, it is significant cheaper to go to baleful 12 and upgrade then to raven 3, as you only need 1 empyrian stone instead of 5. As they are the biggest gold investment, you really want to try and safe that gold. If you are unsure if you can collect all that materials in that time, I would recommend staying on baleful 10 till you got all the materials. This way you don't waste them and go a more expensive part if you don't manage to get everything needed in time. Also, while the event tokens must be obtained till the 25., they can be used a bit longer (there is a time stamp on when they expire), so if you can't manage to get the other stuff, you still have some time. 

If you want to know what excactly everything will cost (as the event cost are not displayed unless you are at that tier)


here is the official page about it.

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First and foremost, make sure you get your Hongmoon Skills for Right Punch, Chi Block and Chi Burst. These are going to help you (and any party you're in) significantly. Right Punch's HM skill helps with your focus burn, Chi Block (1 key, move 2) will generate a chi stack whenever you block and Chi Burst will let you heal almost all of yours and your party's HP instantly whenever you use Ice Helix first. All of those will help you a lot in parties... so work on getting those Bravery Coins.


As for your Soul Badge, if you don't have your BT accessories (frost ring/earring), you might want to go with Blue Moon first. Using Breeze Kick (F after 2) will stack 1 chi and recover focus over a bit of time, which will help you maintain that focus regen (one of the biggest hurdles of a new SF). Once you do get those accessories, upgrade to the Sagewood soul badge. Essentially, this badge speeds up how fast F casts, which speeds up building your chi stacks to use V. You'll also need the Alluvion soul badge a little bit later when you can fuse to the Limitless Soul Badge to combine Alluvion and Sagewood's effects.


As for Mystic Badges... I'll leave that one up to you.

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