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Fire KFM Soul Badge choice


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Hi all,


I've been using Magnum Soul Badge for the longest time, and now I'm progressing towards getting the VT mystic badge.  I understand the goal is to partner the VT mystic badge with Ancestral, but before I can get there, is the recommendation to use Alluvion or Glory.  Most material I can find online point towards Alluvion, but these are also older references where I'm not sure Glory was even available.  I ran into a rare fire KFM recently in game, and he said Glory is better but didn't expand further than that.  What do you guys think?

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Yes at the time Glory became available I already had Alluvion, so the question never arose.


I don't have hard test data, but intuitively I would give Alluvion the preference, at least once you have 30% reduced bb cooldown from shields. Under soulburn you don't need the stack 4 searing palm effect, and under blue buff your crit is 100% as well. While the tremor will increase your tiger strike damage both directly and via the VT badge.

For 6v6, Alluvion also would be much preferable.

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Gear switching is costly, though. -_-'


For PvP reasons, I had to get the Dynasty VT badge, and thus my PvE gear went to fire instead of wind.
I tried to switch to wind at some point but my dps was less than half. o.o


Actually I feel there's no point to go wind for PvE atm. I can easily hold aggro with fire and the healing is very good.


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You want to use the Glory soul badge and get Alluvion when you're ready to fuse for the Ancestral soul badge. Alluvion is just not all that useful until paired with the Glory badge.


Glory's effect alone makes it a must-have badge for any KFM (who has their BT 8 soul shield or VT 5 soul shield to get the 20% Tremor cooldown bonus). Any time you use Tremor (V), you get proc stage 4 Searing Palm. That's pretty big right there. You will have to get used to doing normal methods to boosting your searing palm when tremor is on cooldown, but even then it is a fantastic boost to your overall DPS. Also, since Tremor builds threat, it's a natural skill you'd want to use to tank.


Alluvion's ability removes the cooldown on Tremor when used. That's it. If you used Alluvion on it's own, it'd be kind of useless. However, fuse it to the Glory soul badge and you can see how it'd be useful. Start a fight by hitting V, X, then Tab right away to get stage 4 searing palm, activate your fighting spirit and have another tremor ready immediately when searing palm runs out. Plus you'll be starting the fight using tremor, which should help establish aggro right off the bat - perfect for tanking.


If you do not have the full BT soul shield or 3 pieces of the VT soul shield, Magnum is probably a little better, since the 20% cooldown reduction for Tremor would be very useful for the Glory soul badge. Once you have those soul shields, however, time to go for the Glory :wink:

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