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KFM life when Warrior is released


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Why should it?


And thats a serious Question. Why should it? xD

Warrior has SB, not BB.

If you mean in Terms of tanking, most Raids prefeer BM > KFM (atleast afaik), so that shouldnt Change too much either.


Idk how good of Q/E / other mobility Warrior has but from what I know ist preety slow and "facetanky". That means that its bad in Raids if that is the case, since the tank has to Redirect the AOE zones AWAY from the Group, and he Needs mobility for that. (Or stuff like HQ KD Followup)


EDIT: Just to make this clear, Im probably missing a lot of Information on Warrior since im not really hyped About that class and didnt bother to investigate a lot ^^

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There will be a crap ton of them created and quite a few deleted once those creating them realize that they will have to tank.  It's not like GS where anyone can roll one and blow away everything in sight.  War is going to take real skill to use considering you will need to micromanage your HP.  What I see changing is WL's roll.  Anything less than BW will probably get the boot.

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I don't see where KFM would have problems... yes, Warriors are also tanks, but honestly... we could use more tanks in general anyways. Additionally, KFMs also have a buff ability separate from Warriors (2 if you include Searing Palm's passive bonus to party criticals).

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