Is BnS dying

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1. Decreasing

2. I hope so, it still has the potential to do so, but yeah...

3. It eats part of your soul



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1.Kinda decrease. as we see we were used to have 8 servers in NA and now it down to 2.  I wish however it will become 1 once new raid release.

2.Yes, probably more. Just say Vindictus... I played it since like 2010 era and it still going despite loss of players. I stick with it for over 7 years before finally fully play BnS at 2017.

3.Mostly social and communities.  The extreme lack of empathy toward other player's struggle is staggering, many thinks that being apathetic-logic will help. That's my greatest complaint. Lack of mats, gearing gap etc... are all solvable with efforts. To stimulate the effort however bit of kindness is required, this does not require people to actually "carry". Just some kind words would suffice, and polite rejection is enough.  And by no means one should rush others to get into certain "standard" Let people enjoy the game, show good place with good scenery, swap stories, maybe farm field boss together.  Only offer advice when asked.

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Much decreased. Lack of supports aka incredibly lazy Supports .

Lots of my whale friend having hard time from support. they spent like thousands of USD.

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On 7/9/2018 at 10:03 PM, darkwhip said:

So tell me:(NA/EU please, i know this game is doing fantastic in korea)

1# do you think the players for this game is increasing or decreasing?

2# do you believe this game will make it to 2021?

3# whats your greatest complaint about bns?


I play on NA and JP but this is just for NA.

1. Yes the game is declining, poor choices and the constant ignoring of player complaints from NCSoft will continue to make the player count decrease
2. Most likely not, the game at its current state is not appealing to newer players and seems to not going to be changed at all.
3. Hm the grind, optimization (I will let this go cause it's getting optimized for UE4 this year.), ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ PVP balancing, Netcode/server quality(before you say it I have 1gbps fiber so please don't. 160-200 ping btw), uh servers again cause it probably won't ever happen gotta love that 167 ping BM pvp real nice when stuff comes out after 1-2 seconds lmao.

Don't get me wrong I want to see this game get better we just have garbage developers on it right now, they will continue to be garbage until they listen to the community for once.

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1. Well the game got ups and downs.. people tend to come back when they see a nice patch coming up.. so with awakening people might return... but it 

2. I believe so.. they really need to make this game more beginner friendly and have some better events .. but I see this game going on for few years 

3. The grind system.. is kinda boring at a  point.. is funny u grind for gear but at a point u get so bored u barely wanna do that again.. but meh XD

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