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What class use Glory and Sagewood badges?

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If you look for things like that, i would recommend blade and soul tree. They have all the badges listed and some popularity behind it (I think it is about what user made builds use these, so it is not 100% accurate, but if there are many entries, they might be onto something ;) )


Also I guess it is also about availability, because at least some use them for fusing the soul badge, and this new one might be better available for them (when they are missing sun orbs or something like that).


What I know works well: shadow sin and glory (depending on bracelet), fire fm and glory (although not sure if it is better than courage, I didn't do the math, just for a twink with not great gear the damage is similar with these badges) and I could imagine earth sum works good with sagewood (again no idea if it is better than alluvion/magnum, never used it as single version). I don't play the other classes, sorry.

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