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A new way to PvP


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I am planning to submit this to BnS, and was wondering what you guys thought of the idea.

I was just wondering if it’d be possible to incorporate another pvp system, one where you have a big arena, maybe in the same layout as Ring of Honor in Zaiwei, and you have a place for others to spectate, again, using Ring of Honor in Zaiwei as my reference, you have the NPC spectators sitting outside of the fighting ring. Maybe you could block off the fighting ring with an invisible wall, so others can’t jump into the fight, and the only way to enter the ring is to apply to a fight. Maybe have a book on a pedestal that you can activate to “sign up to fight”. Your opponent would be another player character who also “signs up to fight”. Taking inspiration from f8’s Arena, it’d be nice to have all consumables disabled and deactivated in the fight, to make it more fair, along with Ultimate Skills, so nobody can instantly win the fight by one-hitting their opponent. I suggest having people get paired with other player characters that have around the same gear, as well. That’s only one part of the whole idea, though.

Like in Outlaw Island, there are NPC’s that you fight. I was thinking, maybe if there were to be another, separate ring next to the previous one that I explained, but instead of fighting other players, you fought NPC’s that used different skills and rotations depending on an RNG. The setup would be the same as the previously explained ring, except you’d instantly enter a fight, so long as another person isn’t already fighting an NPC. If that is to happen, I suggest having them be put in a queue. The NPC’s wouldn’t be PvE based, as most NPC fights are. Instead, they would have the same attributes as a player with PvP gear, meaning that player characters would have to use PvP skills to deal the most damage that they can, to those NPC’s. The NPC’s would, again, share the same attributes as a player character with PvP gear, but there would also be different NPC’s, with different classes. At random, based on, again, an RNG.

The only thing consistent in the NPC fights would be that the more NPC’s you beat, the harder they get. For example; in Mushin’s tower, the fights get harder the more floors you pass. If you are to die in one of the NPC’s fights, you’d instantly be revived and placed outside of the ring, as you’ve lost, and the person that is next in the queue mentioned earlier is placed inside the ring, and they begin the fight. Of course, each fight is reset after a player character loses, so the next in line starts at the beginning. Here’s the thing, though.

This could make easy money. Referring to Mushin’s Tower once again, you get drops that you can grind for, such as the Prayer Beads. I was thinking, maybe, in the NPC fights, they could drop items that you could exchange for PvP gear, either new and improved gear, or the same that you can get elsewhere, just so long as it’s good gear that people would want. You could put said drops in the Hongmoon Store, for those who don’t want to grind so much, or need a little help getting the drops.

Some notes, though. I don’t know how many NPC’s there should be to fight, I’m saying at least 13. I’d also like to remind you that the NPC’s should use different skills, or a different set of combos/rotations depending on an RNG, that way it’s a bit more challenging, and it makes the fights feel more PvP based, because even with just having to use PvP skills, if someone can figure out mechanics to an opponent, it gets easy. Again, I’d like to make it clear that with both rings, all consumables should be disabled and deactivated, along with Ultimate Skills. It’d also be much appreciated if these rings were to be placed someplace open, for example; Zaiwei, or Snowforest Monastery.

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