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Is this a bug or not? I've registered the item to the market. Addition registration fee was 4.44 gold, but when the money arrives, I paid 8.88 gold fee + daily fee + registration fee. What is the daily fee and why it wasn't displayed on registration and why addition registration fee has doubled??

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/437307065262800911/465174146188443648/Capture.JPG?width=487&height=467 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/437307065262800911/465174146188443648/Capture.JPG?width=487&height=467

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The daily fee is an invisible fee based on how much daily profit you're making from the market.


There are 4 different taxes you're paying from the market:


Item fee: shows up in item registration fee

Listing fee: depends on the amount of items listed at a time

Selling fee: fee listed right below selling price that scales with selling price of the item (1-99g: 3%, 100-999g: 4%, 1000g+: 5%)

Daily fee: extra fee you pay when your daily income from the market exceeds a breakpoint (100g+: 1%, 1000g+: 2%, 10000g+: 3%)

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