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Remove T-stand emote from FM plz

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Before some patches ago, i have no problems with FM.
But i have no problem if FM just firing around, like other classes can just swing with swords without target. That is normal for "Active combat".
Now since some patches ago, i am really surprised why ONLY FM class got strange T-stand motion.
It happens only if FM cannot reach the target. Then your character will suddenly in cheesy T-stand motion, like "help, i'm stuck, i don't know what i must do"
Of course it looks "nothing" emote but are we really dumb how to use FM?


The game is up for many months and i don't hear one FM want cheesy T-stand motion. It's really unasked and unwanted emote.
Even in normal areas, it just showed the same emote.

I think FM got only T-stand emote, other magical/casting classes has no T-stand motion seen, so far i know.
But why is it added short time ago? We don't want it, and it makes only dumb.


Please remove this emote. We know already how FM works.

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It's there to allow you to switch element without needing a target or having to use i frame. It's more or less a pvp quality of life thing.


Back then, when you wanted to switch to ice stance, which was where all the defensive abilities of fm are, if you were not within range of an enemy, you either had to use your e or your ss - which were i frame skills. This change allows you to simply press rmb to get to such stance, so you don't have to waste your i frame.


If you don't like these skills, you can disable them. Just go to your skill board and untick them.


And no. They are not dumb. They are optional though.





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