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you may get quest completion credit but not the boss kill credit, is this a bug?

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>> this is what NCsoft manager wrote to me in email.

Please know that you will not get credit for the boss kill and quest completion once you are not in the boss instance when it was killed

As a one-time exception, we can offer to give your character an Aransu Reset



and they wanted me to post in the forum


I died and used the self-resurrect button  in the weekly snowjade fortress just before the boss got killed. (meaning "just before" is also subjective depending on your judgement)

I got the quest completion credit as recorded in typing "p" and "dungeon tab" but I did not get the boss kill credit, therefore my weekly was 2/3 done and could not be finished again.


My question is....

why should I get a quest completion credit but not the boss kill credit? this is also against what  NCSoft said in the 1st line.


"As a one-time exception... from NCSoft's offer" is also tricky because this will happen again. because this is a bug to me and in my eyes.

the boss kill credit and the quest completion credit are the two seperate things? this is a bug,... because they must be considered together. so that people can keep try running the dungeon if failed due to whatever the reason may be.


NCSoft gave me the reset stone so fast like in 4 hours from my 1st email... but the reset stone also wants 10 golds as well from the gold-dry recent update. the reset stone is not cheap to use it... so please make it as few more time exception, because it happens but it doesnt happen often, and it still costs a lof of golds to use it, so there are no ways that people would exploit this.




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Think about it, when u join BT or VT for specific bosses. You use to get locked all the time for entering a dungeon but u never got the kill reward  cause it was killed be4 you went in. The same thing goes in weeklies, Technically by pressing 4 you r not in the instance anymore and being in the loading screen your character is joining the instance  "again". See it as joining the instance to late or joining an instance who already cleared the boss.


Therefore if u happen to die, fine just wait, if usee that to many people have died or u dont have whale dps on your side just press 4 and join them back. 

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I would say it is as berksan said that when you are respawning you arnent in dung when you are in loading screen that kinda makes sense. Other thing maybe almost everyone had similer time and only thing i can suggest you learn from it. You know how long you are on loading screens i mostly dont press 4 if boss is under 20-15%. Also it depends of pts dps as well. You need to decide if you can respawn fast enough or not. 

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I have no idea what these duns are.

20 minutes ago, Berksan said:

Technically by pressing 4 you r not in the instance anymore

not anymore?  fine... then, do not give me the quest completion any more either. because that is more logiocal. therefore. your saying is not technical. why giving me a half strange credit to ruin me? because it knows i was in the dungeon raid (therefore it gave me the quest completion credit), but it refuses to give me the boss kill credit ( because i was dead, loading screen even though it knew i was in the dungeon enough to give me the quest completion credit)... too strange and illogical to accept, i think it is a bug,


24 minutes ago, Berksan said:

if u happen to die, fine just wait

I really don't wanna see the afking deaders on purpose or people stay dead 80% of the way.

my judgement was maybe slightly impared, i think i pressed 4 when the boss had 5% life left or so.. i dont remember well anymore, but i knew it had some and i was sure i could spawn before the worst thing could happen. I been doing weekly for maybe 10~12 weeks or so so far, I dont have all the data, in many times, i got all the boss related credits at the moment of being spawned from being dead... but not this time and the worst thing happened... this sucks and i have to tiptoe now on.

40 minutes ago, Berksan said:

u dont have whale dps on your side just press 4 and join them back. 

so it is ok to press 4 and ruin it  when there is barely enough but not good enough dps?


if i dont press 4 in FAS like 10 times, sometimes FAS doesnt work, I have to keep going to the boss as fast as i can to become a fodder for some melee units to hold the boss long enough, or the boss life will be reset and the worst will happen.

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if i am dead, i don't deserve the boss kill credit or anything related, which is totally fine to me

but it never ever occured to me why giving me a half finished credit to ruin me


no boss kill credit then no quest completion credit so that i can keep trying, is that simple.

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