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40-point guaranteed critical or token system for Trove?

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40-point guaranteed critical is somewhat an anti-frustration which offer players who buy a lot of Trove keys to have better chance for critical prizes.


However, note that though it offer 100% critical, the RNG still plays on the Trove page you get.. There are plenty of critical pages of two-star and three-star with different amount of items, and there are super critical. Some of 2-star critical pages are pretty trash too.


So yeah, with 40-point system, you can feel less frustrated, or maybe it just push your frustration further, since it is still about your RNG.


Meanwhile, the token systems that recent RNG Boxes have offered seems fare better. At least you can select what you want from a list of consolation prizes, which does not necessarily containing every single prizes from the box.


So yeah, I think it would be nicer if Trove offers consolation tokens instead. Every trove key you open will be converted into a token where you can exchange for desirable rewards.

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