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Shadow or Fire gunner? What's the DPS difference?

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I have a question that google/BNS forum topics cannot answer with up-to-date information right now as of the past couple months (May to present).


People juggle between which class element for gunners do the most dps. I just want to know for my personal information (and hopefully for others too)  because I currently have a level 45 Gunner in progress of reaching max level whenever I'm finished with my main for the day. I have friends who play gunner as a main but their opinion is rather biased since they can't afford trying out both elements to see the difference in dps. So I'm asking a larger crowd of people in hopes that someone had did a little bit of research.


Is fire gunner still stupid overpowered as far as dps goes? Or has shadow started to come around? 

To me the animation for fire is not as interesting as shadow yet there are so many fire gunners around which leads to fire gunner having more dps than shadow. YET thats only if RNG is on their side and they get that sweet true shot enough times for their rotation. Meanwhile shadow can be sustained in dps. Im basing this off of the old information I recall from gunners. It could be completely different now but my question still stands. Does anyone have an unbiased answer?

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Well two friends of mine are gunners, one with shadow and one with fire... Both have similar gear (fire one is a bit ahead, so they might get a bit closer), but I would consider both endgame. To call out a number, at 4. boss in vt raid (second raid, a bit longer fight), they end up with 850 (shadow) and 1080 (fire). For shorter fights (dungeons), the fire gunner ends even higher, while shadow stays about the same (roughly). I know tt (3. raid) bosses fights take even longer, but depending on mechanic you are doing it is harder to compare... and I don't have any parses of them right now, sorry ^^


Basicly fire got changed, so less burst but more sustained dps, shadow got nerverd... for what ever reason. It is still playable, but does less damage, which is why most gunners are fire ;) While shadow gunner do catch up to some point in longer fights, it is kinda hard to find those long fights I guess. Then again it is only what I see with others... I still think 700 in a normal dungeon is much damage ^^  So if you really like it that much more, why not ;)

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this is correct. 

also for end game raid when both fire/shadow get Twilight Temple Ring/Earring accesories to max or rather max gears. of current content. it will all depend on boss mechanic
but they have roughly the same dps potential on actual raid fight.  

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One further thing to add is that where the Fire is bursty, it's also quite unreliable because if the Triple Threat doesn't proc enough, your dps will tank. Shadow, otoh, has lower ceiling, but it also has higher floor, so it ends up as more stable and equal dps in the long run. Shadow is also much more dynamic and fun to play. And Shadow's very reliable, where Fire works as it wants to.

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On 3/19/2019 at 7:41 AM, Ciema said:

after awakened shadow > fire (fire only better dps in short fights)

This is so wrong. Fire>Shadow for both burst and sustained fights. Fire is still king, shadow is easier to use that is all. Look at top KR gunners like Nodah even proving this as a fact several times over. The main issue with fire is that its harder to use (as you need to time in certain skills due to how stationary you are, requires a decent ping to get 7 bulletstorms off, and as others said it works when it wants to as its even more rng based). 

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