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Master-Disciple System

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Since we are all big masters of Hongmoon school now (not exactly the best one, though), I think it should be possible for us to recruit Disciples as a way to encourage veteran players (Master) to support newer players (Disciples).


Basically, it is somewhat like Mentor/Mentee system in Lineage 2. You accept a few players as your disciples. Disciples can receive some exclusive benefits (buff, items) if they are partied together with the Master and complete a dungeon/a pvp match run together. In exchange,  when you Disciples reach certain growth (tied to their Achievements/Achievement Points), the Master will get some kind of rewards. The achievement rewards will be even greater if the Master presents when Disciples get the achievements.


To become a Master, it may require you some kind of feat first. Like having a raid-boss killing achievement on Raven King, together with some hard-to-come-by requirements from crafting.


For disciples, they can be recruited upon lv15. The lower level they are, the more growth achievements they can offer.


The deeper the relationship between a Master and his disciples, the stronger their benefits become. 


When your disciples are finally grown up enough to have their own disciples, they can graduated from your school, giving you the neat rewards.

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Anything they could do to actually try to promote a less toxic community, would be helpful. Sadly, as this is the game that for all this time lets you for instance so easily kill your teammates with the fire walls around boss areas, I don't see such changes as being very likely.

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While there is always some kind of topic when it comes to a Korean game that was pushed for a NA release. The problems with our community is really our own doing.  They can only have one account tied to their SS number which means they generally don't act up as much as we do as players. You don't have too many cheaters or hacking going on in Korean games or use of 3rd party programs because of the above.


We need to as a community stop our own toxic behavior. Stop setting stupid as hell requirements for others to join our parties for dungeons, raids. Quit charging people to run Raids and actually help one another instead of look down on someone less geared or who might just happen to be a free player just because you might be a whale or a player since day 1 ect.. Really until we can do that as a community no system would help us ingame as it would just abused in some manner for players to reap rewards.

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