Alpha Radke

Storage space.. again

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Things to keep:

- The two gems.

- The keys & anything with the word "charm" in it.

- The outfits (store them in F3/Showroom).

- Potions & dumplings.

- Naryu Silver and Coin.

- Repair Tool (all of them).

- Stalker Essence.

- Dragon Trade Pouch.


And that's about it.

You really shouldn't worry about your gear, or what to craft until you're Level 55 HM 7 (or 8).

But, you should unseal at your blue accessories (ring, earring, necklace) and equip them as they provide a nice stat boost to your character. Along with that you'll want to also equip your gems too.


The rest you can discard. I'd keep the Training weapon as it's unique, but that's up to you, it has no use.

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