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At this point we can just remove this section


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We have no influence in any of this, every balance patch, every bug and every modifier is out at least 3-7 months earlier in KR than in NA/EU.
It just makes no sense to complain anymore. This section is just for show, so that people can vent their stress regarding these matters, but everything that has to be said is always said before we even start to complain.
This section can be removed entirely, because let´s just agree NCSoft doesn´t care about PVP at this point.
Just add 6v6 to PVE section and let this section die. NA/EU doesn´t need it.

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On 30.6.2018 at 5:26 PM, Chara Dreemurr said:

Completely agree! Not even NC KR cares about arena anymore. No bug fixes, no balance changes targeting arena, not even a developer letter saying they would work on it in the future. Absolute silence.

The thing is, a game that only revolves around 2-3 classes shouldn´t be in e-sports at all.
And after 2 years of these very same classes remaining at the top from the beginning till the end,  we can hardly call this unintentional. Especially after the tournaments shifted their focus from seperated 1v1 & 3v3 brackets to team-oriented battles of 3-4 participants, you could only see a few selected classes at each tournament, which considered "re-acting" to any kind of action as already too late.
If you play this game, you´ll know - after 3-4 months that NCSoft won´t invest into this game anymore, but that shouldn´t mean that the rest has to suffer. Server merges and Top30 with 1640+ at season end, should say everything about the current state.

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On 9.7.2018 at 12:50 AM, LuIius said:

the whole forum is useless. but I suppose we can discuss things

I would like our discussions to bear some results and game developers not wasting time and money of players everytime they receive it through trove events.
It´s just that I don´t see it in this section.

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uhm let's just say I think I have to disagree with all of the above. But too exhausting to list all the arguments again. -_-'


There must be someone out there studying why there are people posting in forums that the forum should not exist, or writing in global chats of games that they don't want to play that game. Maybe that researcher can tell me why.

Maybe the same motivation that graffiti sprayers have, dunno. o_O

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On 21.8.2018 at 2:01 PM, Shuchin said:

uhm let's just say I think I have to disagree with all of the above. But too exhausting to list all the arguments again. -_-'

There are too many reasons why people write, it doesn´t really matter though for what reason we write, so long the reason is valid, if any reason is given at all.
What I would have appreciated, when you wrote or at least linked me to where you´ve listed your arguments ("list all arguments again").

As for my initial claim, our client is based on the CN-Version. Most of our content is just 1 by 1 tanslated and implemented into our client, which is one of the reasons why many suffer from fps/ping loss and why many refer to our coding as spagetthi.
This was even more highlighted by world bosses. FPS tended to hit 0 or at average between 7-30 in BNS, which is still a problem in raids, since world bosses are a thing of the past, due to the bad optimization.
You may say that NCWest is just a publisher and applies, but never creates patches, so it can´t be helped, but that doesn´t mean that it should be like that.
Our region is way bigger than KR, but our region also has a way worse routing, still other games manage to optimize their games to the point that it doesn´t affect their playerbase as much. On the contrary I just don´t see this effort from NCSoft. Patches take ages, hot fixes are so rare that they are non-existent, we always have to wait Wednesday or the week after (1-2weeks), even if some classes suddenly deal no damage (WL/SF).
Idk how you can feel engaged in changes or think that we receive bug fixes that are meaningful. Haha though I really needed that voice change from that npc in f8, it really needed a hotfix for which the whole server had to be taken down.
Well in general, I am just complaining about PVP in my previous posts, but if you really think that we receive specially optimized balance patches for us, then please elaborate; saying you disagree witout basis, because you are exhausted ... I hope you rested enough to write back.

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