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(Repost) Farming Dead Dungeon for Cosmetics

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If the new patch allows you to purchase the full Junghado outfit now then why cant the same be done to the rest of the dead dungeons that drop cosmetics? The achievement merchant even has the cobalt hair and the female BSH outfits along with quite a few other items but for some reason they missed quite a lot of  dead dungeon cosmetics that are a real pain to farm for. 

Honestly I'd rather spend gold to get the Scarlet mask that I've been trying to get since November 2017. Half the people who got the scarlet mask were either incredibly lucky (which is a very small %) or they got it from the Merchant of Wonders a couple years back. If they cant figure out what currency to use to purchase dead dungeon cosmetics then can they just put it in the achievement merchant for some fabric and gold like they did with cobalt hair? At least that way people have an actual chance to get it as compared to being driven crazy that they have yet to get something they've been going after for nearly half a year and still had no luck

Im not joking about trying to get scarlet mask for almost 6 months. RNG seems to let me get the Bullet time set before i even complete the 10 Yeoharan defeat achievement but a cosmetic from a dead dungeon wont even give me a glint of hope. In stead of spamming Hollows Heart like i should be, Im instead obsessed with trying to get a scarlet mask that has a very low chance rate for some reason despite it being a dead dungeon now. Let's not mention the fact that blindfold has a higher drop rate because I got 2 of those suckers in the span of 6 months but still no scarlet?? Just end the suffering already and let me directly buy it because I want to move on from this dungeon. Im a bit of an obsessed completionist too, it's not satisfying to farm a boss that you one-shot over 100 times and still dont get what you're even there for in the first place.


(Edit: Just reposting until the problem has been acknowledged)

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When I played way back when the top level was 50, I  tried to farm outfit, mask and blindfold. I did 246 runs with nodda. Then the Merchant event came up and I got the blind fold at least. I do see the cobalt hair and outfit in the achievement vendor but the hair is redic amount of ultra fabrics.


I was very happy with the new update that put all these outfits and accessories in the bean/pvp vendor and at a reasonable cost.

One outfit ticket is 1k beans and most of the outfits cost 3 to 5 tickets and 3 or 4 ultra fabrics if I remember right. I got the zebra enchantess on my lock (when she was lvl 50) and it took me 3 days of pvp.


Good luck and have fun!

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