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Arena is dead and NC SOFT KR killed it

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The lack of balance patches for arena and just general neglect from the developers killed the best aspect of this game. The thing that sets Blade & Soul apart from other MMOs is the amazing combat and 1v1 pvp. However, it seems that the Korean developers are hellbent on killing this side of the game and turning it into just another pay2win at pvp kind of game. This is obvious from the way the lead class designer Jin talked about the class balance changes: only from a battleground and pve perspective, but nothing about arena.


I understand that balancing skills for arena, could cause problems in pve and battleground, but the obvious solution would be to balance them separately. Arena, BG and PvE skill changes would be separate and appropriate for each situation. The fact that the developers didn't implement this and just balanced everything in favor of battleground and pve, not caring about how this would affect the arena balance is quite disheartening, seeing as this combat system is insanely fun. It's just such a wasted opportunity...

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Classes need a revamp period. PVE defenses like elemental resistances need to be added for pvp since I can wipe people with pve gear. There is no elemental def. Skills like whipeline, lightning flash, Shadow grasp, soring falcon, tremor and Time distortion all become new skills basically with the badges or can be spammed consecutively . Lets not get me started on sins lol. 1v6 a horn or switch because of their counters. Not really complaining its just the outright truth. On that note i dont think a fm should be able to outank a BM that ice coffine is over used by fms as a mean of def or stall but combined with a badge and shadow grasp/meteor they can hide in their aoes and then ice coffin after. Thats what most of them do. we should be able to break it once or something :P. Oh and the bullshit drops.


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