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Divinity Bracelet for Earth Sum?


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Thank you for reading this message.  However, if you do not play a FULLY VT geared earth sum, please do NOT comment on this post, thanks.  I posted this question on the "general" forum and was hijacked by a bunch of idiots.


Currently tiger bracelet effect is triggered by thorn strike, and thorn strike is enhanced by the vt badge.  So I can enjoy the bracelet effect almost non-stop.  However, the new divinity bracelet is triggered by petal storm, making vt badge almost useless.  Although divinity bracelet provides a lot higher dps power (350% vs 75%), i doubt it helps earth sum much.  Your thoughts?



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Well I think saying that just because your bracelet is no longer super synergysing with your badge it is useless, is a bit too much ;) Plus, what would you wanna change into? There is no other mytic badge option, even if the bracelet would be super bad with the badge. Also you still get the damage from the badge combo, so you don't loos that in any way. 

Petal storm should be applied all the time anyway, so not much would change in the rotation.

While I didn't do the math (and don't own the new bracelet yet due to time problems), I would still say that 350% compared to 75% is woth some down time. For numbers, you might wanna check on reddit (not sure if links are allowed, search for "Earth SUM Moyun Parse Follow-up (TT Ring & Earring)"), there is a comparison between at that time current gear (no new bracelet) and korea with max gear, so new bracelet plus souls, etc. While the bracelet alone does not provide the 250k difference, the fact that it is used in parses like this in korea kinda speaks for itself ;)

So I will definitly change to the new bracelet. A fellow earth sum also changed to the new bracelet, and the damage he does is really nasty ^^ (full gear)

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since the tiger bracelet has benefitet very strong from the vt badge+magnum badge combo, u could say the tiger bracelet is infact pretty strong with both these badges .. but it´s just not like the vt badge needs the tiger bracelet in any way bcs the bracelet get "triggered" by thorn strike, not enhancing it or making it stronger. It´s buff goes on sunflower.


With the new bracelet u just need to look a bit more on ur petal cd. Even without any resets u can get an 50% uptime, thats easy math still a 2.5 times stronger buff then the 100% up tiger bracelet.


and on top of that there are more buffs on the divinity bracelet and ~150 higher critical dmg.



At the end the new bracelet is for sure an upgrade.

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