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Legendary Accessories

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So I understand that the legendary accessories are easier to get now and that's great. I just got the necklace and I was wondering exactly which of them are worth upgrading as they cost 100g to upgrade just to stage 4? Is this to supplement their old cost on newer players since they are now free in dungeon?  But really the question is...which accessories are worth upgrading now, if any? I'm assuming necklace, bracelet, and belt? Or is there something better? Thanks in advanced.

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Your upgrades should look like this:

Bracelet - to at least Stage 6 (or max).

BT/Skybreak Spire Accessories - to at least Stage 3.

Belt - to at least Stage 3.


After that, you'll want to work on maxing each one (in that order), leaving the Oath Necklace completely untouched/un-upgraded. You'll only want to upgrade the VT/SK necklace.

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6 hours ago, Rogziel said:

So just to be clear. Bracelet and Belt are the old ones, the ones you get from trading Draken Cores. The rest is from BT?


The bracelet shall be either tiger or dragon depending on your class.

The belt shall be the eternity belt.


The first set for your ring and earring is from BT.


The first set for your necklace is from SK/VT.

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